Storing Apples Over Winter

January 5, 2010 at 2:54 am Leave a comment

By the time I already heard it was almost too late—County Line Orchard, with some of the best locally grown, organic apples around, was having their annual one day, stock-up-for-winter sale. It was very hush-hush and unadvertised, and I was lucky enough to hear from my friend and homesteader Lala, who warned to get their early because all the locavores line up. The impending snowstorm had other plans, but while most of the Northeast was frantically running to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk, we headed to Kempton, PA to stock up on bushels of organic, local apples to store. No apples from Ecuador for us this winter! And, think of the transportation emissions and carbon we were saving by buying local. And they were organic! It really didn’t get much better.

With proper storage, apples will keep all winter, and here’s a really easy way to do it.

Step 1: Get a Box and Some Newspapers

Cut up an old newspaper into smaller squares, large enough to wrap around the apples. Get a box to store all of your apples. Watch any cats within a 100 foot radius find the box and jump in. Get ready to wrap.

Step 2: Inspect and Prep

You’ll want to only store apples that are bruise and nick-free, so inspect them before wrapping. If damaged at all, use these sooner, and do not store.

Step 3: Wrap the Apples

Once you have your storage apples ready, put an apple in the center of a piece of newspaper…

…and wrap it up, pulling the sides up and to the top. Twist to lock it in, like this:

Step 4: Pack the Box and Store

Place the apples in twist side down, so the newspaper stays on. Fill the bottom, than keep layering on top until the box is full. Then, store the apples in a cold area of the house or root cellar. Not too cold though, you don’t want the apples to freeze (this bruises them). Make sure to keep them out of light too.

Apples with thicker skins store longer, but most apples will keep for at least two months if properly stored. And, then, next time it snows, you can make pie with your own local apples!


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