Grow Indie Test Kitchen: The Soyabella

The Soyabella and Fresh Hemp Milk

After that whole carrageenan scare about store bought soymilk, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start making milks at home. Crazy you say? No, it’s actually really easy (and saves a ton of money).

Enter the Soyabella—it effortlessly makes soymilk, raw nutmilks, soups, grinds spices, and even makes tofu. (Yes tofu!). It’s quite a powerhouse actually, and has been put through the ringer at the Grow Indie Test Kitchen, and hasn’t let us down once.

I first intended to just make soymilk, but the Soyabella makes it really easy to make raw nutmilks, so we gave those a try and were amazed (it’s kind of magical).

Check out our video to see the Soyabella in action:

There are two types of milks you can make—soy or all the rest. For soymilk, the Soyabella actually cooks the beans, and then grinds them (taking a total of 15 minutes). For raw nut milks, you simply soak the nuts overnight, put them in the Soyabella, and grind them up (this is pretty instant). I’ve even made Hemp milk without pre-soaking and they work just fine. The Soyabella’s filter makes a really smooth milk, so you get much better results than just, say, using a blender.  You can also make a thicker milk by adding less water, and vice versa, depending on what you like. Then,  just add vanilla extract, stevia, cacao powder, maple syrup, or nothing at all, and store in the fridge.

Tip: You can use the leftover almond pulp to make these tasty chocolate truffles. Leftover soy bean pulp can be thrown into veggie burgers.  Nothing goes to waste with the Soyabella.

Cost: The Soyabella Soymilk Maker with Tofu Kit costs about $125, including shipping, and can easily pay for itself the first year.

I did the math, and you can have fresh organic soymilk for about .75 cents a liter, and fresh hemp and almond milk for about $1. Oh yeah, and you actually know exactly what’s going into your food, you can’t really put price on that.

Benefits: Making your own milk is also so much better for the environment, since there are no transport fuels or containers to throw away. That stuff really adds up over a year if you think about how much you drink every week.


Use the code Grow Indie and receive a free One Pot Wonder recipe book by Elysa Markowitz with the purchase of a Soyabella Deluxe Soymilk Maker with Tofu Kit and Lid (model SB-132). Just add the book to your cart and get it for free through March 31, 2010.

1. Super fun, handcut sterling silver Bumblebee Necklace by Skylark Studios, $85.

2. Envirocycle Composter/Compost tea maker, made out of recycled materials. This ingenious composter is really well designed (just roll it every few days), and features a compost tea collector spout so you get the best of everything. Plus, no assembly required! It’s also good for smaller gardens or city dwellers, $176.28 (shipping included)

3. The self sufficient Earth Box is an easy way to grow vegetables just about anywhere. Made out of recycled materials, the Earthbox is weed free, self waters, and can be moved to a rooftop or placed in sunny spots, for an instant raised bed. $59.95 (includes soil and fertilizer).

4.Terrariums by Greenbriar.  These mossy little garden terrariums will have you seeing green all winter. Plus, they only need to be watered once a month, making it the perfect gift for even the serial houseplant killer (you know who you are). Set of 3, $34

5. Mantis Twin Composter. The cadillac of composters, the Mantis Twin holds huge amounts of kitchen scraps, churning out up to 25 cubic feet of compost. It features a large, double barrel that allows you to add scraps to one side, while the other side composts. $499

6. Grobal pots. Your plants will love these  mod-inspired pots—plus they are self watering! $24.95

7. Champion 2000+ Juicer. The champion makes short work of your bumper crop of vegetables, and is great for juicing carrots, beets, greens and more. Plus, with no pulp tray, it makes cleanup really fast and easy. $275


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